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Let's chat about all things birth with a 1:1 consult

Have a specific question or fear? 

Want to chat: care providers, stages of labour, pain/sensation management, reasons for homebirth, hospital transfers, how your partner can best support you during birth etc.?


You have questions- I have answers!


$60 Cad/hour

Held over zoom or phone call

Looking for more support during your birth?


A doula is a person who supports another through major life changes. A birth doula (my primary focus) is a labour companion who provides the birthing person with continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during, and just after childbirth.

Unlike midwives, nurses, and OB-GYN’s, I am not present intermittently, but continuously. My primary focus is your emotional well-being. I am there to hold space. Space for whatever may arise before, during and after labour in a non- judgmental, compassionate way.

What is
a doula?

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Full Birth Support package


$500 non-refundable deposit upon booking.
$100 off if you opt out of a massage

Available now for consultations and bookings.

Sliding scale available for Black, Indigenous, POC and Queer, Trans POC. 


Orgasmic Birth?
Say whaaat?

What's included

  • Free consultation 

  •  2 in person pre-natal visits

  • Unlimited phone/email support

  • Help developing a birth wish list

  • Lending library

  • 24/7 on call support from 37 weeks through to labour

  • Back up doula (if required)

  • Birth Pool and liner (for home births)

  • Access to TENS machine 

  • Immediate postpartum support 

  • 1 Postpartum visit

  • Provide additional Postpartum resources

  • 1  (in-home) 60-min full body Relaxation massage (redeemed up to 2 months postpartum)

  • Additional in-home massage sessions available for $130 
    *Doula clients only

Post Partum Support 

Able to support with light housework, newborn care (naps and feedings) 

$25/h min 4 hrs Daytime support - 9am-9pm
$35/h min 8 hrs Nighttime support - 9pm-9am

What I do

  • Assist the woman/birthing person and possible partner(s) in preparing for and carrying out their (ideal) plans for birth

  • Stay with the laboring person throughout the entire labour

  • Provide emotional support and physical comfort measures

  • Provide an objective viewpoint and assistance to the woman/birthing person in getting the information needed to make informed decisions

  • Facilitate communication between the laboring person, possible partner(s) and clinical care providers

What I don't do

  • Conduct clinical procedures such as: vaginal exams, fetal heart rate monitoring, blood pressure

  • Transport clients

  • Diagnose medical conditions

  • Administer medications

  • Speak to staff on your behalf. I will stand beside you, suggest options and allow you to claim your space, power and body.


"It was so amazing to have Bre as our Doula.  This was our second birth after 9 years and she helped refresh our memories about everything to consider and prepare for with our home birth. 

She was able to be there in early labour and help me navigate the process which was very different from my first labour.  She even spent time with my eldest child and coached her on what to expect as she was present for the birth.  Bre was an integral support for the intensity of my contractions, knowing what to say and when to remind me of my own strength and power.  She helped take the pressure off my husband so he could have the brief breaks he needed from constant counter-pressure on my low back. 

We are so grateful to her for helping make our son's birth the beautiful experience it was.❤"


"Breanna made our whole birthing experience incredible. It was my fourth baby but first home birth and first time hiring a doula, there were a lot of things I was dreaming of achieving and really wanted to make happen and she helped us do all those things.

Prior to our birth she came over for a consult and we nailed down all the things we wanted, she gave a lot of great information to us on birth at home and pain management and already helped me to feel more confident in my body. Midwives were there for the medical end of everything while Breanna helped us feel comfortable, cared for and confident......

I would recommend Breanna to anyone whether your a first time parent or have birthed many times before."

Pashew Mahmood

"Breanna massage technique is among the best I’ve ever experienced.


She’s so skilled at providing real relief from any pain or tension I’m feeling while still keeping me very comfortable and relaxed even in late pregnancy.


I know she’ll be a huge help during labour to provide counter-pressure as well as a soothing touch to get me through.


I wish I would have discovered her sooner, but I’ll for sure be a long time client going forward."

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