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Breanna Wallace

Holistic Sex & Birth Support 


A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Bre, your queer, sex positive doula!

Set out to reclaim “P
ussy” as a source of immense pleasure and power, while honoring the duality of pain and trauma “pussy” commonly holds.


I want the connection to your body to guide you toward more pleasurable sex, and/or a birth that leaves you feeling empowered and in awe of its wild capabilities.


I come from years of movement training and performing: professional dance, circus, and fitness.

How did I find my way into birth?

I have been enamored by menstruation (in secret, of course) and yearning to birth a baby for as long as I can remember.


Then… I discovered I was, in fact, queer (very lesbian leaning) It put a little pause on my plans as wonderful partners came in and out of my life without the aligned goal of children.

In 2019 I had my first experience of supporting someone through a large transition; my sister, a miscarriage at 13 weeks. Three months later I found myself in the exact same room of the exact same hospital supporting my mom through heavy mystery bleeding, soon to be diagnosed as cervical cancer. It became clear to me that I must honour the  innate whisper to follow the breadcrumbs of “Pussy." I realized that it was, in fact, work that was big, important, and needed in my own family and out in the world.


At this time I had just finished a prenatal yoga training, doula training and was studying Somatic Sex Education. For the last three years I have offered support to pregnant folks.

With the intention of branching into the world of sex

Fascinated and continuously learning about their overlaps. My deepest hope is that regardless of your gender (queer friends welcome!) body size or skin colour you find a deep reverence and connection to this part of your being; that you understand that the sexual body and birthing body are one and the same.

A place of great pleasure and power.

The greater we know our bodies, the greater the access to our health and vitality, the greater we trust in birth, the more autonomous mothers, and birthers we have!


When my minds not on “pussy” ;) you can find me out for walks with my sweet rescue pup, lounging on a beach in Mexico, in an ice bath, watching or performing burlesque or navigating the world of real estate.

I look forward to connecting!


Connecting the mind, & body

through intimacy.

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